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I am so excited that you came across my website!  LuRey Photography is a woman-owned Philadelphia and South Jersey based company that has over 10 years of wedding photography experience!  I believe wedding photography should be fun, romantic, and meaningful.  My goal is to tell your love story through a documentary style of photography with a focus on beautiful light.  My clients tend to be fearless, outgoing, and badass!  If that's you, let's connect! 

Hi. My name is Laura and this is the section of my website where I give you obligatory things that make me unique and interesting.

 I'm a...

Mom to a hysterical, 12 year old (going on 18) little ball-of-fire daughter. Hooman to 2 very silly pups. Star of a (completely made up in my own mind) reality show where I cut to look at the camera in uncomfortable situations. Unbelievably talented at being awkward AF. Meme hoarder to look at back later when I need a laugh.

Lover of beautiful light and carefree moments. Creator of timeless images that I hope will still move you when you're gray and wrinkly. Firm believer that your story is unique and deserves to be told that way.

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Love is a brief